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These are the chairs that I found on the net while doing a internet assignment.
Althought it is the design of 2007, but for me, it was so cool and unique! One things make me impress is they use the recycle steels from the old bike to make those chairs....
Lets take a look.

Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.

Milano Lounge Chair (LCM)

Milano Lounge Chair - Deluxe wProPad cushions, and Sweetskinz Scorch tires.

Milano Lounge Chair - wProPad cushions

The Milano Lounge Chair is the closest relative to the original Bike Furniture Design created in 1991.

It is constructed of chromed steel bicycle rims, and handlebars. It is available with a choice inner-tube upholstery which includes easily replacable, inflated inner-tubes on the seat and back for user-adjusted cushioning, or with cushions made with a wide choice of fabrics.

The rims that serve as arm rests on this chair can be fitted with tires or with heavy-duty inner-tubes.

Milano Lounge Chair - w/inner-tube upholstery

The Milano Deluxe and Mini-Deluxe chairs are tricked-out with premium accessories such as colored tires, dice valve caps, a horn, and colored sparkle grips (feet).

Milano Lounge Chair - Mini Deluxe w/ProPad Cushions, and Sweetskinz Scorch tires

Milano Lounge Chair - Mini Deluxe w/ProPad Cushions, and Sweetskinz Scorch tires

Milano Lounge Chair - Mini Deluxe w/ProPad Cushions, Red Tires

Milano Lounge Chair - Mini Deluxe w/inner-tube upholstery and red tires

Milano Mini Dimensions (inches)

WIDTH : 22

DEPTH : 22


Milano Lounge Dimensions (inches)

WIDTH : 26

DEPTH : 28


Andy Gregg, the designer, works on a chair made of recycled bicycle parts at his shop in Marquette.

Chinese designers have come out a very special concept cellular phone which looks like a milk pack. They labeled this design as “Paper Says” disposable cellular phone. Learn from the success of disposable digital camera, this “Paper Says” disposable concept cellular phone might be a sounds idea in next decades, but this “Paper Says” cellular phone design isn’t really appealing to most of people. What do you think?

Is it a pen or a phone???

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As cellular phone is getting tinier and tinier, do you think it is possible that we could have a pen phone just like TagHeuer watch phone? I truly believe that this is possible. Although the picture shown above is just a concept phone which is picked from, pen phone fantasy isn’t out of reach anymore.

Description for the picture: the target-shaped areas on the top and bottom are earpiece and receiver